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"Odd Man Rush"

Eyyy lmao I haven't posted for a while, but here I am B-). The main thing I'm gonna talk about today is the fact that I want to start illustrating and writing a web comic and its gonna be a sports themed comic and i think I'll call it "Odd Man Rush"(it's about hockey). so basically the main premise of the comic is its about a kid named Martin, and Martin is the main character, white, blonde hair, scar on lip and near left temple on hairline, small widows peak, 5'8" strong built kinda muscular arms most people are afraid of him because of his intimidating appearance and he keeps to himself. I am basing Martins design and his personality on myself of course he will work better in stressful situations than me obviously and he will basically be a perfect version of myself. So Martin moves to a different country because of his parents having business there and in this country not many people play hockey and Martin basically tries to get a hockey team going at the school he's at. I know that's not much info in regards to the actual story and characters however i have way more of the story written down than I've told you but I'm sure you understand i can't tell tell you all the specifics, then it wouldn't  be a surprise ;). Now, i don't know where I'll be posting the story because although nobody reads my stuff now idk if my comic will gain any traction and if it does gain traction I would want to be making a little something for my efforts and If possible make a living out of writing and drawing, 2 things that i love to do. You and i both know that is extremely unlikely and it probably won't amount to much and if it amounts to something it won't be enough to live on however I CAN STILL DREAM OK!!! ;-;. Please keep in mind that I honestly can't can't draw very well and it could take months and maybe years before i feel confident enough in my art to finally start this series, but I will honestly try to get this series started by the end of this year. please follow and comment :P thanks for reading :3


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