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Why the hell is choosing a career so damn difficult!

Hey, it's me again and I'm a little annoyed right now. As none of the zero people that read this blog know, I'm a high school student in the second semester of the eleventh grade and I have no damn clue what I want to do with my life. I'm sure there are a tonne of others who feel the exact same way I do. I'm sure some people are even more lost than I am. There are currently 6 tabs open on my browser related to college. I have no real plan set out for after school really except the default that a lot of people have "I plan on going to college" I say although I don't know what college nor what program. For the passed year or so I thought I had a plan for the future of my schooling. I planned on going to school for computer programming, but I'm becoming less and less sure on wanting to do that. I recently started an introduction to computer programming class and I like it so far but I'm still so unsure. I'd probably say my number one dream is…