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Why the hell is choosing a career so damn difficult!

Hey, it's me again and I'm a little annoyed right now. As none of the zero people that read this blog know, I'm a high school student in the second semester of the eleventh grade and I have no damn clue what I want to do with my life. I'm sure there are a tonne of others who feel the exact same way I do. I'm sure some people are even more lost than I am. There are currently 6 tabs open on my browser related to college. I have no real plan set out for after school really except the default that a lot of people have "I plan on going to college" I say although I don't know what college nor what program. For the passed year or so I thought I had a plan for the future of my schooling. I planned on going to school for computer programming, but I'm becoming less and less sure on wanting to do that. I recently started an introduction to computer programming class and I like it so far but I'm still so unsure. I'd probably say my number one dream is to become a YouTuber but who doesn't that seems to be everyone's dream now a days. I like English and enjoy writing but I can't write long enough stories for them to go anywhere so I just write down the thoughts I have in my head. I’d love to write blogs for a living but sadly most people couldn’t care less about what I’m thinking or what I have to say. Even though nobody is going to read this I still work hard on writing these because I love doing it. Well you probably don’t give a shit anyway hell I wouldn’t if I was n your shoes but oh well that’s life I guess. Back to the tabs I have open about college one of them is a google maps search on colleges near me and the one I’ve been focusing on is Durham College yeah go figure. I did look at other colleges that I don’t care to say because I can’t remember them and I’m too lazy to look but none of them had enough courses for me to look at unlike Durham but there was one other college I’m taking a look at right now and that’s Centennial College which has a pretty wide array of things to choose from but I’m pretty sure not as much as Durham. I have four courses that I’m pretty interested in one being computer programming as I stated earlier, firefighter, “protection, security and investigation” and early child care, and yes I know those are all very different but I’m a bit of an odd character as some of you can probably tell. My interest spans over a number of things but I am indecisive about what I really want to do. This shit is dragging on way too long this is comparable to the hobbit in length… if the hobbit was good. Anyway share this blog it can really help out with my motivation to write more but yeah bye-bye XP


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