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The "Uptrend Challenge"

Eyyy lmao whats up guys it's me again and today I'm gonna be talking about a Challenge I plan on doing. Now, this challenge is going to take an entire year to accomplish. As nobody who reads this knows I have a fairly good sized channel (which can be found at ) and exactly as I am with my blog I'm quite lazy and I don't make as much content as I should be and could be making. It's not that I don't enjoy making content because I love making it and just like nobody else I would absolutely love to make a living out of it and that is my main goal, to make enough money to where I can be satisfied with my needs. I'm obviously not saying that this is for the money because its not I've been making videos and writing blogs for free since I started making them and i will continue to do so regardless. However >:) this challenge is one that I came up with and the challenge goes like this, there is a website called Uptrend and Uptrend is an analytics sight for my video creation platform of choice; that being and on Uptrend there is a channel growth prediction section at the bottom of the page for the channel you're taking a look at. So the challenge that I'm going to be attempting is to meet the predictions that uptrend has set for my channel B-) the predictions are by May 22nd, 2018 I should have 534 followers, 37 825 channel views and 849 points and I vow to make as much content as I possibly can and reach that prediction. please help me with this goal by going to my channel and checking it out and if you enjoy what you see you should follow my channel it's only gonna get better ;) thanks for reading


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